Friday, April 14, 2017

  1. The Tel Mond, Israel song, "The Bridge", features Sid Krupkin on vocal and guitar and Eli Matsree, the co-writer, on vocal, in Hebrew and English, as well. It was recorded at his home in Israel.

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    The Hamilton, Ontario, Canada song,"Sunsets" was recorded by Sid as a demo in Sarasota. Some lyrical changes were later made but this is the only recorded version I have.

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    Songs About Sister Cities by Sid Krupkin

    John Laing, Rebecca Clifford and Sid Krupkin in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

    Eli Matsree is 3rd from left; Sid Krupkin is 4th from left, Linda Rosenbluth is at the right, in Tel Mond, Israel

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    More Sarasota Sunsets

    Tel Mond, Israel

    Tel Mond is located in the beautiful Sharon Valley, seven kilometers north of Kfar Saba and east of Netanya Although it is a commercial center, is surrounded by orange groves in a lovely pastoral setting. Like Sarasota, it is a growing community which supports cultural interests and has a senior population. Sarasota has had a long history of intense interaction with Tel Mond through many prominent Sarasotans who have helped in the development of this vibrant city. Tel Mond became a sister city in 1999.

    Hamilton. Ontario, Canada

    In 1990 Sarasota twinned with Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to encourage more visitors to Sarasota and to build good will with our neighbors to the North. Hamilton Mayor Bob Morrow was instrumental in initiating the twinning. Hamilton boasts a diversity that combines education, culture and sightseeing attractions with business and commerce, especially steel manufacturing.